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Cachaça, pinga, canha are all synonyms for the typically- Brazilian- spirit that is obtained from the fermentation and distillation of sugar-cane juice.  The subtlest and most numbing flavors can be found everywhere in Brazil, a fact that led Aprazível to selecting over 100 labels to make up its cachaça bar: O Boteqim do Sousa.

In this environment we intend to bring the atmosphere of the botecos of  the interior of Brazil onto Santa Teresa.

For years, cachacier and president of the Brazilian Academy of cachaça, Paulo Magoulas, devoted himself to research on the peculiarities of alembic cachaça from all corners of Brazil. The result of such work is printed in the cachaça list of the Botequim do Souza, which distinguishes the Brazilian “pleasures” in texts in the list of producer and state. The intention was to produce a didactic list to be understood by anyone rather than being limited to the world of cachaça experts.




Additionally to working with our sourcing communities towards sustainability, Aprazível is committed to sustainable practices.

Uses organic products Does selective collection forwarded to recycling and composting Collects burnt oil for biodegradable soap production Collects rainwater