The making of the menu reflects the multiplicity of Brazilian flavors, highlighting national products. Brazilian culinary is the result of a great diversity of outside influences - deriving mainly from Europe and Africa and  merging with the native-Indian culinary.  Cultural miscegenation, which is the portrait of Brazil, is strongly present in Brazilian culinary.

The genuine Brazilian cuisine translates into plain-cooking, tasty food, plentiful with aroma and flavors evoking one´s childhood:  family lunches, holiday time at grandparents´ and reunions around the table.

This concept is the soul of Aprazível´s menu. Its main influence comes from Minas Gerais: the culture of cooking-time conversations by the stove, family recipes cultivated by innumerous generations, diligent mothers devoted to a culinary of details and plentiful tables laid to perfection and wood-burning ovens.

This is what chef Ana Castilho calls root cuisine– a cooking style that values national ingredients from subsistence communities and that allows adequate time to the cooking of foods, enjoying the incomparable flavor of essential ingredients such as salt, pepper, garlic and onion.

Aprazível pays homage to Brazil and its roots whenever a dish is created and when ingredients and suppliers are selected from all over the country.



Additionally to working with our sourcing communities towards sustainability, AprazÝvel is committed to sustainable practices.

Uses organic products Does selective collection forwarded to recycling and composting Collects burnt oil for biodegradable soap production Collects rainwater