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Pedro Hermeto has been dedicated to the study of natural wines for years. No wonder he put together an impeccable wine list, in which they set the tone.


What are natural wines?


They are wines of controlled origin, made with as little intervention as possible, the result of a philosophical choice aimed at finding the natural expression of the terroir and the soul of the winegrower. Hence grapes worked in organic agriculture, without herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers or other synthetic products, the harvests and the prohibition of techniques that could alter the bacterial life of the wine. To reach them and the biodynamic labels that represent 90% of the menu, the oenophile focused on the world of artisanal wine (Brazilian and worldwide) and selected terroires, discovered and elected small winemakers – or artisans.


Cachaça’s House

The sugarcane distillate, Brazilian per excellence, is produced in the entire country, in each corner with its own accent. At Aprazível, in addition to a cachaça list with more than a hundred labels that illustrate this plurality, Ana Castilho, the owner, has four of her own labels. Santa Cana is a very limited edition, it was found buried after more than 30 years in old barrels from his father's still, on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte. The centenary containers, obviously, were not discarded and today they host another three artisanal "cachacinhas" – São Pedro, São João and São Lucas.

Território Aprazível
Guest House
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