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Beyond the indescribable and invariably praised space, Aprazível has a sharp Brazilian cuisine, which mixes family heritage with the food culture of different parts of the country.


The creativity in gastronomy adds to the Minas Gerais family traditions an indisputably Carioca bossa, inventive recipes and quality ingredients from different regions of the country. 

Thus, it gives life to an unique menu, full of accents and flavors, made to bring people together at the table. A cuisine of roots and generosity that values the Brazilian product and producer, the simple and deep spices, as well as the diversity of Brazil. A cuisine that produces its own bread, highlights fish and national meat, while affectionately enjoying herbs and vegetables.


The house's exclusive chocolate comes straight from farming families in the Xingu Valley and this is what the Aprazível cake is made of, one of the hits among desserts. The sweets from Minas are made without haste in the copper pot and accompany the Serra da Canastra's cheese. The artisanal ice creams escort most of the sweets and have indisputably national flavors – tapioca, guava, Brazil nuts and mango. There are also rolls and various fruit sauces, among other simple recipes, marked above all by gastro-affective memories.

Território Aprazível
Guest House
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