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AcarajÚ do Cerrado

Fried corn-flour polenta risolle, stuffed with spicy minced-meat.

“This polenta snack is typical of Minas; created by the black, female slaves from the coffee farms. It is a rather peculiar combination of flavors from the hinterland. This delicacy has been inpired by the traditional acarajé (deep-fried-mashed black-eyed bean bun, stuffed with prawns and served with a spicy vinaigrette and okra) from Bahia. In out acarajé do cerrado, the beans are replaced by the polenta, the prawns give place to minced-meat, and okra to jiló (a somewhat bitter vegetable resembling a baby courgette). The link between both delicacies is also to be found in the same finely0chopped-green-tomato vinaigrette, in the hot, red pepper and in the palm oil from the same tree as dendê oil.”

* Cerrado is tropical savana vegetation, typical of Minas Gerais.




Additionally to working with our sourcing communities towards sustainability, AprazÝvel is committed to sustainable practices.

Uses organic products Does selective collection forwarded to recycling and composting Collects burnt oil for biodegradable soap production Collects rainwater