Dear customer,
From Tuesdays to Thursdays we are making available a discount code of R$30.00 for your transport, both to and from Aprazível. Just follow the steps:

1) Make your table reservation, here on our site.
2) At the end of the reservation, codes for Uber and Easy Taxi will be provided.

If you prefer Uber:
3) Before requesting your car, click on “Payment” on the top left corner;
4) On “Payment”, click on “Add Promo Code” and enter your code;
5) Ready! Now just request the car for your trip (valid for both ways).

If you prefer Easy Taxi:
3) Insert your origin and destination addresses;
4) Insert your promo code (it will only work if your payment method is credit card);
5) Ready! Now just confirm your ride.


- Two vouchers are made available per customer for both ways;
- For the code to work, your destination or departure place should be The Aprazível Restaurant;
- If the travel fare exceeds R$30.00, the excess amount will be paid by the customer according to the standard form of payment registered in the app


"Aprazivel does not render transportation services and is therefore not liable before the users of such services for any losses and damages these may have as a result of failure in such serviceso".

Additionally to working with our sourcing communities towards sustainability, AprazÝvel is committed to sustainable practices.

Uses organic products Does selective collection forwarded to recycling and composting Collects burnt oil for biodegradable soap production Collects rainwater